Coupole Anyone?

Soooo… As you can tell I have a thing for the fresh and the bloomy. Softer cheese types really get me going. Nothing against hard cheese of course! Many of them will blow your mind and maaaybe I’ll get to them sooner than later, like this summer. Anyway, I digress…
I picked up this beauty at a wonderful market that I have never ever mentioned on this site before. Whole Foods. Yes, it’s definitely my go to for quick and magical cheese finds. I stood there at the counter knowing but not knowing which cheese direction I wanted to move toward. Suddenly I saw it behind the glass looking at me (yep, cheese can see you). I’m pretty sure I’ve had this cheese before. Maybe at Murray’s Boot Camp last fall. It is so wonderfully delicious I will have to go back for more! Coupole is a fresh chevre with THE most interesting edible rind. Made by Vermont Creamery, coupole got its name from it’s similarities to a snow covered dome (not brains). It is an aged pasteurized goat cheese with a special geotrichum mold. You can see that as it ages the gooey cream line takes over more of that soft but firm putty-like paste. It’s milky white paste has a slightly sweet and (definitely) tangy taste. The pale yellow creamline is more goaty-animal in flavor and less sour.
20150527_164256 (2)
.. Now this is not a mild cheese at all. It has a distinct pungent smell and a pretty bold taste. It should definitely be served at parties due to it’s aesthetically pleasing shape and crowd pleasing deliciousness. I purchased a tiny one that I wouldn’t even dream of sharing but it can be purchased in a larger size. Did I mention that this goes wonderfully with marcona almonds and Turkish apricots? I’ve got a savory one for you too… beet salad. Oh and I really liked it with cornichons . Who knew?!

Red Hawk



Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk

Washed Rind

Type of milk: Cow


Holy cow’s milk! This is my new favorite cheese. Whole Foods is two for two in the cheese category. This delectable mound of goodness was the last one in the case. As a Mt.Tam fan, I knew that I had to give another CC cheese a try. The reddish, textured mound holds onto a pungent aroma that may scare off beginners and cheese likers. It is more on the sophisticated side and makes me pleasantly surprised of its American (San Francisco) origins.


This award-winning triple crème washed rind cheese is aged four weeks before hitting the road.  The inside reveals a pale yellow paste that doesn’t taste the way it smells. It is  beefy, rich and smoothly coats your tongue with a slightly sweet  earthy flavor and a dash of tang. The b-linens that give it this remarkable flavor are native to the area so there’s no replicating this cheese in another location. In Florida it is a bit difficult to locate this cheese and the fact that CC makes small batches doesn’t help. Try this one with something sweet like local honey or even a sweeter apple cider. And you know how I feel about Turkish apricots… get some.


Port Salut

My first post will be neither a brie nor a blue. That would be too predictable! So… Port Salut, a luscious semi-soft cows milk cheese with a mild notable flavor. It is slightly sweet, a little savory and has a distinctive bold orange edible rind. As my favorite cheese of the moment I have paired it with Magic Hat cider… Read more →